Wolf Island
Author Darren Shan
Series The Demonata
Publisher HarperCollins
Previous Book "Death's Shadow"
Succeeding Book "Dark Calling"

Wolf Island is the eight book in The Demonata series. It came out in Ireland and England in October 2008.

It's title was revealed by Darren Shan on his blog on April 24th, 2008. According to him, "it does exactly what it says on the tin". Grubbs Grady is the narrator of this novel.

Plot Edit

Grubbs is in the demon universe just about to learn about something very gruel. Fighting a beetle demon with Kernel and Beranabus is very hard. Although he didn't want to become a disciple, that's what he was destined to become. Beranabus hopes to learn something over the course of their time in the demon universe, it it has just started. They want to find something new about the Shadow. They want to know its motive and reason for being alive. Then a window opens unexpecteldy. shark and Meera come through it filling them in on Dervish's heart attack and encounter with werewolves. Kernel opens a window and hell is revealed.

Shark and Meera appear with bad news. They learn that Dervish had a heart attack. To their best interest, they suggest going back to where he is. Kernel then opens a window to find Bec battling with two demons. After everyonw is settled, Grubbs, Meera, and Shark decide to go and find out why the werewolves attacked along with why Prae Athim wasn't a part of this. Bec, Dervish, Kernel, Beranabus, and Sharmila return to the demon world to find the Shadow.

Along with their encounter, Grubbs goes to Wolf Island accompanied by the Dirty Dozen and Antoine Hortwitzer. They learn it was a part of Juni's and Hortwitzers plan to do this. They survive the battle with only a few of the members gone along with some of the vicious werewolves. Then and there, Grubbs is forced to unleash his wolf from within. Scared it might take over his body forever, he unleashes it. None of his friends are hurt so he knows he will be able to trust it in the future. They leave Wolf Island a "Bloody Island" in return. Grubbs also decides to take the remaining number of werewolves with him as soldiers to help fight demons, after all they are of the Grady clan like himself.

The book ends with Grubbs saying that if the world will end and he is to cause it, he will end the world with the screams of demons and a savage wolven howl.

The Dirty DozenEdit

The members of the Dirty Dozen were:

  • Shark - Leader of the group.
  • Meera Flame - A friend of Grubbs.
  • Grubbs Grady - The story's protagonist.
  • Timas Brauss - A computer expert.
  • Pip LeMat - The group's explosives expert.
  • James Farrier - A helicopter pilot who dubs his transport of choice the "Farrier Harrier"
  • Leo DeSalle - A soldier.
  • Spenser Holm - A soldier.
  • Terry - A soldier.
  • Liam - A soldier.
  • Stephen - A soldier.
  • Marian - A soldier.


  • Darren has stated on his site that the character Antoine Horwitzer is based off the author of the also very popular Alex Rider books, Anthony Horowitz, who is also a friend of his.
  • Grubbs is confirmed to be a werewolf in the book.

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