Vur Horston was Larten Crepsley's cousin.

History Edit

Vur was orphaned as a baby when his mother and father died. Mrs. Crepsley, Larten's mother, waited anxiously for Vur's mother to die so she could take custody of Vur and se lie bro see what happend was  some crazy stuff like he was and became a vampie n a treat of bread dipped in milk by Larten's mother. Larten was wary and jealous of his cousin until the young child split his bread in two and offered half to Larten. They were best friends ever since.

Vur was smarter than his cousin and was hated immensely by Traz because of this. Traz often beat Vur more than anyone else and scrubbed his hair with burning dye far longer than any other child.

Birth of a Killer Edit

Vur had a knack for telling when Traz was going to do a dipping (re-dye their hair) and as Traz beat any child who was at the back of the line because they were technically late for work, Vur and his cousin set of early to work after a quick breakfast.

Traz was annoyed that the two boys had arrived early and scrubbed Vur's hair much longer and more violently than he had Larten.

When a visitor left the factory, Traz took his rage out on several of the child workers and set his eyes on Vur. He taunted Vur about his mother and before Vur coug Vur had orange hair like his cousin because they were cocooners and had their hair dyed the same colour by their cruel master, Traz, to tell him where they should be at all times.

Notes Edit

Larten used the name Vur Horston on occasion and in the Vampire War trilogy from the Saga of Darren Shan he posed himself as Darren's father with the name. Darren used the name Darren Horston to stop any suspicions.

Vur suffered from a weak bladder and had to use the toliet more often than the other children.

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