Villacs are an ancient group of blind powerful priests. Their language is unknown to all. They are the selectors of the Watana. It is revelead in the book that they have been with mankind since the Incas.


As seen by Capac in the priests' eyes, they left their mountain village on a blind priest's decision with the other villagers and settled next to a river with dark-skinned Indians there. Possibly a long time later, a boy was called to enter the tents where the priests were, who called the boy their Watana. The Watana was to serve them as the leader of the village, with the power of creating Ayuamarcans. Although the village prospered (later a town) and was respected by other tribes, a fearless race "with weapons beyond the power of any in this country" (presumably the Europeans), attacked the town. They heard of the blind men and quickly dispelled them, capturing, torturing and killing them.

However, some villacs did survive, hiding underground until the invaders settled, remaining to themselves in secret. As the villacs became bitter, uncertain and wary, they stopped choosing the wisest, the gentlest and purest of people as their Watana, instead choosing the strongest, the fiercest and the most determined. As the town changed, new ideas, languages, electricity, automobiles and such entered their lives, the villacs found themselves unable to exert the same level of control they once had. Looking ahead and witnessing a chaotic future, they cast their net again and found a brutal, vicious child who could barely speak, implied to be Ferdinand himself. Filling him with the power of the Watana, the villacs just set him loose instead of tutoring him on how to control the power. By doing so they hoped to create a servant fit to face the challenge of the corrupted world and ensure the city's prosperity.


The villacs have the power to bring the Watana's imaginary people to life through a special ceremony. These imaginary people which are brought to life are know as the Ayuamarcans. They use puppets for this ceremony, after the ceremony is completed they give it to the Watana. The Villacs also have the strength to undo the creations. Whenever the Watana kills one of his Ayuamarcans, the Villacs summon a green fog which overtakes the city wiping everyone's memories about the Ayuamarcan which was killed, as if the person had never existed.

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