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Vampire Mountain is the location and headquarters of the vampires. It is also where the vampire princes and generals gather to run the vampire clan, and the main base of operation during the war of the scars. Going to Vampire Mountain is not only a trip, but a challenge of: determination, strength, endurance and courage. Vampires have the ability to flit anywhere across the world, everywhere except going to or from Vampire Mountain.There are many "way stations" on the various routes to vampire mountain, where vampires can rest and gain stored human blood, but some vampires choose not to use them. No Vampire ever takes the same route to Vampire Mountain- they always choose different paths.

Every 12 years all the vampires gather in vampire mountain to initiate new members, remember their fallen comrades, to discuss how close to death they were or other fun, thrilling stories. Wolves gather at council also to eat the many scraps from the feasts which occur during the council. It is never stated what country or even continent Vampire Mountain is in, but it has been hinted that it is somewhere within Europe.

The Trials of Initiation generally take place in Vampire Mountain.

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