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Murlough, a member of the Vampaneze.

Skin Colour Light-Dark Purple
Hair Colour Blood Red
Universe Human Universe
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance "Tunnels of Blood"
First Movie Appearance Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Vampaneze are a savage species of purple skinned, red nailed, red eyed relatives of the Vampires

In the Books Edit

Creation Edit

Vampaneze were at one time normal regular vampires. At some point later in Vampire history Desmond Tiny introduced the role of Vampire Princes. These princes were to lead and regulate the Vampires and create some form of order over the race. However, a portion of the Vampires did not agree with introduction of princes and harboured a desire to not only feed on the blood of their victims but to kill them also, causing these Vampires to break away and form the Vampaneze. The Vampaneze do not kill for the sake of bloodlust. They kill due to the belief that when they feed, a portion of the victims soul will eternally exist inside of the Vampaneze.

Later Years Edit

Many years after the split, there was peace between the Vampires and Vampaneze. This was stirred when Mr. Tiny came along again and gave the Vampaneze the Coffin of Fire. This, when the correct person stepped in, would show the true leader of the Vampaneze. If they weren't leader, they perished. Although the Vampaneze didn't like leadership, they wanted to win the upcoming war as stated by Mr. Tiny.

The War of the Scars Edit

Word spread around to the Vampires telling them that the coffin had chosen a leader. This led to Mr. Tiny telling the Vampires to hunt the lord down. He also told the Vampaneze to protect the lord and made the prime protector Gannen Harst. He had to travel everywhere with the lord.

Towards the climax of the war, Steve, the Vampaneze Lord, ended up killed by Darren Shan ,and Darren by Steve,also, much later, the war was coming to a close as both sides discussed a treaty.

Powers Edit

Due to originally being Vampires, Vampaneze have a range of the same powers they have:

  • The ability to run super fast (Also called flitting)
  • The ability to heal wounds with saliva.
  • Super strength.
  • Sharp nails or claws (and super strong teeth).
  • Ability to exhale a gas that puts people into a heavily sedated state.
  • The ability to have much more endurance then a human. Can Go to the arctic circle without getting frostbite because tougher skin due to being a vampire.
  • The purge can happen if half vampire (you grow more stronger and faster since learned more from being half vampire and grow in size).

Description Edit

Vampaneze have purple skin and red eyes, hair and nails as a result of drinking lots of blood. They are usually as sane as Vampires and fight with honor, just like them. They hate leadership but will accept it if it means the end of them if they don't, although they do it grudgingly. A vampaneze must always tell the truth otherwise he/she will be tracked down and be killed by other Vampaneze.

The Vampaneze, according to Crepsley, are traditionalists when hunting. When they have fully chosen their next victim, they sneak into their houses and mark them with their nails by making three small scratches on their victim's left cheek when they're asleep, and follow them to kill them. They are also behind the false myth about vampires not being able to enter a house unless invited. The story behind it is that the Vampaneze almost never kill humans at home; they prefer to kill their prey outside, and then hide, or dispose of the bodies or hide the wounds to make their death look accidental.

Half Vampaneze Edit

Half Vampaneze do not have the same powers as full Vampaneze. They can not flit and can not heal wounds with saliva. They also do not get purple skin and red eyes until after a few decades which is when the colors set in, so new Vampaneze are generally normal colored.

Known Vampaneze Edit

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