If you could pick one theme song for the demonata characters and couples (eg- a song that discribes their personality/ life story) what would you choose for each character? Pick a song (and the artist) for each character. It must be a song you think fits them. If you want to, feel tell us why you think that song fits that character. But thats options. If you don't know a song that fits a particular character, just skip it. Here is the list of all the (main) characters-

Grubbs Grady-

Why this song?:

Kernel Fleck-

Why this song?:

Bec Maconn-

Why this song?:

Dervish Grady-

Why this song?:

Meera Flame-

Why this song?:


Why this song?:

Nadia Moore/Juni Swan-

Why this song?:

Lord Loss-

Why this song:

We also do the demonata (main) couples! ;)-


WHy this song?:


Why this song?:


Why this song?

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