• Satha Vandral

    What is your favorite book from the Saga?

    I couldn't singly choose a favorite book, but Vampire Rites Trilogy (books 4,5&6) is my favorite.

    My least favorite book though is Hunters of the dusk. No matter how hard I try I can never recall much after the Hunters heading to Evanna's.

    Please leave your own opinions. Thanks.

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  • Satha Vandral

    I can't choose for me its all three!

    Though if I went just by those signs - It'd be Team Larten.

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  • Satha Vandral

    Which series do you prefer, The Saga of Darren Shan or The Demonata?

    Personally, I prefer the Saga. Darren always manages to have some life in the story - even though at times he could be just a little naieve, I got a good laugh out of those --

    Mr Crepsley blushed and said "'He then started to pull the hairs out from an even more sensitive place."

    "Where?" I asked, but Mr Crepsley just turned away - when I asked Seba later, he chucked and said "His ears."

    I'm not saying the Demonata's bad though, it's just some of the books (mainly the ones which Bec dictates) get a bit boring. Bec seemed to drag on and after reading a chapter or two I would put it down because I'd be bored of reading it. The ones Grubbs dictates though are really good. I loveā€¦

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  • Satha Vandral

    Who was your favorite manga character?

    • Who was the most attractive?
    • The closest to what you imagined?
    • Or who was furthest?

    The most attractive character for me was Kurda. The closest was probably Debbie while the furthest was Arra.

    Please leave your opinions

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