I have read all of Darren Shan's children's books. Cirque Du Freak was a true passion of mine. I never stopped reading! It was like a drug, I was so addicted to reading on, I hardly slept. Demonata was AWESOME. I found the whole "Gross Material" non-repulsive. I'm a weird sort. :)

I wasn't to fond with the ending in Cirque Du Freak. Darren ends up as a little person and is transported back into the past where he first goes into the freak show with Steve. In the book, it says that either Steve or Darren would end up destroying the world with Des Tiny. It was a fight to the fittest, and Darren and Steve kill both of each other. Darren didn't want to undergo such a brutal scene, so he found a loophole. After finishing up Steve, he made him kill him. He made insluts to him while Steve was on his last breath, and Steve stabbed him to what strength he had left. Darren ended up with Des Tiny in his home. Des Tiny claimed that Steve and Darren were his sons. Apparently, Des Tiny can travel back in time and do pretty much anything he wanted. In Des Tiny's home, he made Darren a Little Person. Des Tiny didn't bother giving Darren a tounge because Darren wasn't going to be on Earth for long. Des Tiny booted Darren out of his home, and took him to the moment where he and Steve were at the freak show. Darren was serving as a helper like all the Little People. Darren scared the little Darren home so the little Darren wouldn't become a Half-Vampire or the Lord Of The Shadow. Since he let the little Darren live, the real Darren (I know this is very confusing, you'll get it when you read throughout the book!) has to die. He goes on top of a roof and disincarnates into thin air.

Well... That's a rap for you! I'll make another blog later about Demonata. As for YOU who's reading my blog and has NOT read Cirque Du Freak, GO OUT AND BUY IT FOOL! You're missing out on the best books of all time!


Please leave a comment below as to what you thought of the series.

I'd like to see other peoples opinion on the series.

Even if you haven't finished reading through the whole series, please leave a comment as to what you think of it so far.

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,

Marissa. :-)

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