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    Hello everybody and Happy St. Patricks day!

    I thought i'd make a blog post on how I thought of the characters in Cirque Du Freak.

    Darren Shan: 8/10. Darren is a GREAT main character. Good job to the real Darren Shan out there!

    Mr. Crepsley: 9/10. I adored Mr. Crepsley. He seemed like a fatherly firgue to Darren.

    Harkat Mulds: 7/10. I loved Harkat for protecting Darren, but didn't he seem a little TO over protective?

    Vancha March: 8/10. Good ol' Vancha!
    Steve Leonard: 8/10. Come on! We all gotta love our villians!
    Evra Von: 7/10. Evra, Evra, Evra. You're great at being The Snake Boy.

    Desmond Tiny: 5/10. He seriously creeps me out. O_o

    Mr. Tall: 8/10. He's a sweety. :)

    Evanna: 7/10. The whole Don't-Call-Me-A-Witch thing shows she's firece.

    R.V.: 4/10. …

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    March 6, 2010 by Cirquedufreaky

    Hey guys, can you help me out?

    Does anybody know if someone is making Cirque Du Freak two? I'd be delighted to know! and speaking of which, how'd you like the movie?


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    I have read all of Darren Shan's children's books. Cirque Du Freak was a true passion of mine. I never stopped reading! It was like a drug, I was so addicted to reading on, I hardly slept. Demonata was AWESOME. I found the whole "Gross Material" non-repulsive. I'm a weird sort. :)

    I wasn't to fond with the ending in Cirque Du Freak. Darren ends up as a little person and is transported back into the past where he first goes into the freak show with Steve. In the book, it says that either Steve or Darren would end up destroying the world with Des Tiny. It was a fight to the fittest, and Darren and Steve kill both of each other. Darren didn't want to undergo such a brutal scene, so he found a loophole. After finishing up Steve, he made him kill …

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