As you know Darren Shan 's Cirque du Freak The first volume of the film was made ​​. It 's got a shoulder when referring to a formal written document :


Very left side of the time , but I'm happy to announce that I am going to the movies circus wonders of February (February) 2008 saw the start of construction ! An official announcement of the film is universal :

" Cirque du Freak " by Darren Shan - Ad Film

The film is set in New Orleans in February 2008 under the direction of Paul Vytz (About A Boy, In Good Company) begins . The role of the John C. Lartn Krpsly . Rayleigh (John C.Reilly-Gangs of New York, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story), Steve Leopard Hachrsvn to Josh (Josh Hutcherson - Bridge to Terabithia), and newcomer actor : Chris Kelly Chris Kelly is playing the role of Darren Shan . Vytz busy preparing sections of text that is novel to the screen . He and Lauren Schuler Donner (X-Men) for their own companies , Dps and company off the field Donner will produce .

I myself do not have anything more to add , except to say - Hvvvrrraa ! !

It is unclear Chjvrya of water into the film , but I think that works in reliable and capable hands could have been , until now , I was really excited to pick Bazygrash . I got Josh Hachrsvn I saw several movies ( last movie RV with Robin Williams ) and I 'm a big fan of John C. Reilly movie Boogie Nights when I saw her - but she does not ever expect a fantastic game other had .

No date set for release yet , so any internet rumors that her face might get ignored . As soon as I find out anything more about the film or the actors , you would add the Shanvyl Magazine - I want the next few months fans have constantly kept up to date . You can also " circus freak" 's see - where you get a bit more detail on the staff of a film .

I know many of you dream of seeing the movie " Cirque du Freak " I have dreamed of for years - from the first book of this series was published in January 2000 , many emails and letters ( almost every day ) come to the movies game or not ! Now , finally, the dream is reality going to join ! Hvrra !


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