Profession Disciple
Gender Female
Species Human/Mage
Age Unknown
Status Descesed
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Demon Apocalypse"

An unnamed elderly female disciple appeared in the alternate timeline in Demon Apocalypse. She was present at the Disciples meetings and went to battle with them, using a mace with a knife sticking out of it as a weapon. Grubbs Grady states that she looked humorous with the weapon.

Because Grubbs, Kernel, Bec and Beranabus went back in time and changed the future, her current whereabouts are unknown.

In Hell's Heroes she was mentioned again by Grubbs to have been killed by a large 8 metre snake like demon with poisonous blood, and fangs.

Personality and traitsEdit

It is likely that this Disciple served Beranabus for most of her long life. She was a fierce warrior and extremely proficient with her mace. She was killed by a powerful Demon who could even fool and badly wound Grubbs Grady.

Relationships: Edit

With Grubbs Edit

At first Grubbs saw The Elderly Disciple as feeble and most likely frail and unreliable, he soon found he was wrong when she morphed her cane into a high classed mace, that was mantioned to be weilded quite strongly by her, just like all the other Disciples from Demon Apocalypse Grubbs never underestimated her again.

"I should be out on the streets, battling the masses, but this demon killed a Disciple. She was an elderly, frail lady, but she could swing a spike-headed mace more effectively than anyone I've ever met. I never asked her name, but I liked her. I'm going to make her killer pay."

-Grubbs Grady thinking about the Elderly Disciple-

It seems that he and the Elderly Disciple had developed a strong family like relationship over time, because in Hell's Heroes Grubbs is talking about revenge madly on the snake demon for killing the kindly old Disciple.

Appearances Edit

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