Stone of Blood
The Stone of Blood is the brain of a dragon given to the vampires by Mr. Tiny when the Hall of Princes was built. Just like the Hall of Princes, the stone has an indestructible exterior that cannot be damaged by anything in the human realm. The Stone is perhaps the Vampire's most powerful tool, as it contains the blood of every vampire, allowing vampires to reach out to each other mentally and unify their society. It is also their most closely guarded relic, as Desmond Tiny prophesied that if the Vampires were to lose in the War of the Scars, the stone's safety may allow the Vampire race to rise from the ashes later.


The stone is located in the Hall of Princes, right behind the thrones for all in the hall to see. Being that the Hall can only be opened by Vampire Princes of Desmond Tiny, it is chosen as the ideal place for keeping the Stone of Blood safe. 


The Stone of Blood has been shown to have a multitude of uses throughout the series including:

- Extracting and storing the blood of every vampire along with their name. This establishes a mental link between each and every vampire allowing them to search for each other in times of need. This also makes the stone a symbol of unity and hope for the vampires.

- Locating vampires anywhere in the world. By touching the stone, the user would be able to determine the location of any vampire whose blood has been accepted by the stone. 

- Powers the Hall of Princes.

- Establishes new Vampire Princes. Two current Princes cut their fingertips on both hands. They then place on hand on the Stone of Blood and the other on each of the new Vampire Prince's hands. Blood is then transfused between the three vampires and the stone, at the end of which the vampire will become a full Vampire Prince.

- Can save the Vampire race if Desmond Tiny's prophecy is true.

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