The reviveds are the most common type of zombie, the other being the revitaliseds. They are vicious and much like the typical movie zombie. They are generally cooperative and hunt in packs. They actually share the scraps of brains they find. But not all work in team; they have been known to attack other undead. Their senses of smell and hearing are vastly improved over their human forms, but their eyesight is much worse. Unlike revitaliseds, they are aware of their sharp claws and instinctively know to keep away from their eyes. They can also use their claws to scale walls. They have been known to feel pain, and obey commands from Mr. Dowling and the Owl Man.


During the second World War, the Nazis were looking for ways to create a greater human race and trying to achieve immortality. They kidnapped geneticist Doctor Oystein and his brother. After years of research and experiments, the first revived was created from a Jewish woman from the camp who had died from malnourishment.


In Zom-B, the reviveds take over Becky's school, killing people and turning people into zombies.

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