Revitaliseds are zombies with proper consciousness. In order to become a revitalised, the zombie will need to get a revitalisation vaccination in life, and become a zombie when they die. Even then, there is no guarantee the victim will become a revitalised, and many have simply carried on as reviveds. Revitaliseds don't regain consciousness immediately, so they act as reviveds for however long it takes to recover. Recovery time is extremely varied, with the shortest known revitalisation time at eighteen hours, and one of the longest at six months.

Lifestyle and characteristicsEdit

Revitaliseds have their memories from their life. Like reviveds, they need to eat brains to stay alive. If they do not eat brains, they will regress and become reviveds again. Revitaliseds need to file down their teeth frequently in order to talk properly. They also need to apply eyedrops to their eyes to keep their eyesight from deteriorating.

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