The revitalisation vaccination is a vaccine that, when taken in life, turns the victim of a zombie attack into a revitalised as opposed to a revived when they die. However, it does not always work and the victim sometimes just becomes a revived anyway. It is injected into the person's upper right thigh, and leaves a C shaped scar. A few thousand children were vaccinated each year.

Performance and affectsEdit

The vaccine is dangerous and unpredictable. If the person given the vaccine does not get infected by a zombie within rough fifteen years after the vaccine was given, then they will literally melt. The bones and cells will liquefy over a painful twelve hour process. Even then, there is no guarantee the person will revitalise after being infected, and the person may take as long as six months to revitalise if the vaccine does work on them. Despite this, the vaccine greatly increases the immune system, and vaccinated people might never even have a sniffle.


The vaccine was invented in the late 60s or early 70s by Doctor Oystein. Every year since he has offered it to young children every year since, though it has always been disguised - one year it may be a cure for flu, the next a vaccine against measles and another year it could be for AIDS. Doctor Oystein knew that a zombie apocalypse was impending, but he did not know when. And due to the vaccine's deadly side affects, he did not simply give the vaccine to millions of children around the world. Luckily for Oystein, he had friends in high places and the news that hundreds of thousands of vaccinated people had melted never caught the media's attention. There have been stories and self published books about the mysterious deaths, but these were all obscure.

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