Rage's real name is Micheal Jarman and he is a revialtized zombie and one of the main protagonists in Zom-B


Before Zom-BEdit

Rage was bitten in a shopping mall with his girlfriend when the zombies attacked. He was bitten on the side of the face where there is a patch of mangled flesh.

Zom-B UndergroundEdit

He was part of a group of revialtized known as 'zom heads'. When Mr Dowling set free all the revivieds on the base he abandoned the other zom heads and killed Dr Cervivis for his brains.

Zom-B AngelsEdit

It was revealed that he had found his way to County Hall and went through the final test by running through LIverpoool Street with a backpack full of fresh brains and escape all the revivieds.

Zom-B BabyEdit

Zom-B GladiatorEdit

Zom-B MissionEdit

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