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Origins of the board

The original board was given to humanity by the old ones to help in our development in to a more advanced race as they did with hundreds or thousands of other planets originally it was guarded by humanity (most likely druids on account of the fact that Drust possessed it during his pilgrimage to destroy the tunnel with Bec) until lord loss took it from Drust's dead body to try and unlock its powers after seeing Drust with it upon a cliff in a place of old magic where violence is forbidden.

The creation of chess

To give themselves something to do while protecting the board the human guardians created figurines out of pieces of wood and created a game to use with them the game caught on and was replicated many times on different boards without the powers of the original and later even found purchase upon the demonic realm which gave hope to those in the Grady clan who were stricken by the curse of the werewolf that effected them for more than a thousand years.


Even in the thousand years lord loss possessed the board it seems he had not discovered all its powers as he made no reference to its greatest power of being able to trigger evolution in beasts if the animals in question so chose however he had discovered a minimum of one power which he used at least twice this power was the immense size of the board on the inside despite the lack of size it possessed in the demonic and human dimension’s it is not known if it has any other powers but due to lord losses initial comment about him sensing great power coming from the board it is likely it could have many more powers that have remained undiscovered to all who have tried to tap its secrets.

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