Magicians are humans who are powerful magical beings who can use magic without the use of spells, unlike the Mage due to their ability to draw magic directly from the universe like demons. They are more powerful then Mages but weaker than Demon Masters.(Though it is never stated whether Grubbs could stand up to a Demon Master as he would be more powerful then Beranabus as he is part of the Kah-Gash)

The DemonataEdit

Lord LossEdit

Bartholomew Garadex is a Magician who challenged Lord Loss for the cure of Lycanthropy (the Grady curse).

Demon ThiefEdit

Beranabus is the only Magician in this book.


Grubbs Grady awakens his power during the Demon attack in Slawter.


Druids and Priestesses are not Magicians as Dervish and Beranabus said more were born back then.So there are no Magicians in this book but very powerful mages otherwise called Druids and Priestesses.

Blood BeastEdit

Grubbs continues to deny his calling as a Magician.

Demon ApocalypseEdit

Beranabus, Bec, and, Grubbs are the only Magicians in this book.

Death's ShadowEdit

Grubbs, Bec and Beranabus are the only Magicians in this book.

Wolf IslandEdit

Grubbs and Beranabus are the only Magicians in this book.

Dark CallingEdit

Raz Warlo (Old Creatures) tells Kernel Fleck that if humans live in the Ark, every generation there will be a Magician.

Hell's HeroesEdit

Grubbs is the only Magicians in this book.


They can use magic without the presence of Demons, Windows, or the being in the Demonata universe. They can fly, create strong magical shields eg Beranabus created a shield in Demon Apcoalypse which could stop a blow from Lord Loss but not take more then one.

List of MagiciansEdit

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