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Mage are humans who can use magic and draw their magic from either the Demonata, Windows, or being in the Demonata Universe. They are metioned not to be that powerful, but only average compared to a magician

The DemonataEdit

Lord Loss (book)Edit

Demon ThiefEdit

Kernel Fleck, and most of The Disciples are mages. While Beranabus is the only magican.

Slawter (book)Edit

Bec (book)Edit

Blood BeastEdit

Demon ApocalypseEdit

Death's ShadowEdit

Wolf Island (book)Edit

Dark CallingEdit

Hell's HeroesEdit


Mages need to chant spells to use most of their magic. While magicians don't need to. The only times a Mage can use magic naturally is if they are in great peril, and even then their powers cannot match that of a Magician .

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