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for the novel, see The Lake of Souls
The Lake of Souls is the name of the "Glorified Pond" that is the home to millions of souls trapped on Earth.

The Lake of Souls as depicted in the manga version.

Desmond Tiny takes some souls out and turns them into his Little People. It was guarded by five Dragons when Darren and Harkat Mulds went there to find Harkat's true identity. In the lake of souls, you are not aware of the world around you, and are led to madness.

Known People In The LakeEdit

  • Murlough
  • Kurda Smahlt (later released when he lets Harkat live out his renewed life)
  • Steve Leonard
  • Darren Shan (Although he is later released by becoming a little preson when Evanna gets pregnant with Gannen's and Vancha twins)

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