Profession Idol/ Eating children
Species Snake of the future
Age 12
Relatives guardians of blood(worshipers)
Status Deceased- In Paradise
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance "The Lake of Souls"
Movie/Book Character Unfortunately this beauty is not in the movies.

The Grotesque is a giant creature that lives in the future wasteworld. It has a giant human head, a snake-like body with hands to walk on and is venomous. It is worshiped like a God by the Kulashkas and they even sacrifice children to it. Its venom is sacred and it is kept in vials in the temple that it sleeps in.

When Darren and Harkat came to get the venom, they had to try and climb over the Grotesque to get to the vials. A Kulashka spotted them and woke up the Grotesque who then attacked them. Spits Abrams then came in and used the venom as a bomb destroying the floor and killing the Grotesque.

Appearances Edit

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