A Grove Tube is a cylindrical device which allows revitaliseds recover from wounds. It is full of a grey liquid which contains modified brain cells. The liquid helps cuts to scab over and broken bones to mend like they did in life. While it can't heal bigger wounds (such as B's cavity, it improves them slightly. The revitalised will need to go into the Tube for several weeks for it to work. While in the Tube, the revitalised will start to hallucinate, and some have been known to become addicted. The only problem is that after a few years, the affects wear off and the revitalised needs to enter the Tube again.

After exiting the Tube, the revitalised will need to have the liquid sucked out of their lungs. This is done by sticking a tube down the revitalised's throat and absorbing the liquid. The revitalised may also receive an enema. If the revitalised refuese the enema, the liquid will eventually leak out of their anus. Groove Tubes also produce a noise reviveds hate, so they need to be in well protected areas to ensure the safety of the revitaised, as the revideds will try to attack the Tube.


Pre series historyEdit

The Groove Tube was invented an unknown number of years ago by Doctor Oystein. He had a technical and scientific name for it, but one of his American scientists dubbed it the "Groove Tube" and it has been called that ever since.

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