Location information
Residents Demonata Masters
Old Ones
Affiliation Demonata Masters
Old Ones
Behind the scenes
First appearance "Dark Calling"
Last appearance "Hell's Heroes"

The Crux is said to be the heart of everything existing. It is home to the powerful Demonata Masters and the Old Ones. At first, time didn't move here as it was there before the existence of time. When the Big Bang happened, it shook the Crux up and time started to flow.

The Crux is split up into two different sections. The Demonata live in the white sections and the Old Ones in the black. The crux is set up like a Chess board and the first chess board was fashioned after the Crux.

Around the outside of the Crux is a super hot area of flame which could kill a normal person. It is possible to travel through these for Old Ones and the Kah-Gash can too.

Appearances Edit

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