Coffin of Fire
The Coffin of Fire is a coffin given to the Vampaneze by Desmond Tiny around the same time he gave the Hall of Princes and Stone of Blood to the Vampires. The coffin is a trial of fire where the one who emerges unharmed will be the Lord of the Vampaneze. Desmond also is the one who told them that they must obey the Lord of Vampaneze otherwise their clan would perish.

It was kept by its protectors, the Carriers of Destiny, for the next seven hundred years. During this time many Vampaneze entered the coffin, attempting to prove themselves only to be killed by the inferno. The Lord of Vampaneze wasn't discovered until Desmond Tiny informed them that their lord now walks the lands and the Vampaneze should search for him. Steve Leonard discovered the Vampaneze and entered the coffin, emerging unhurt after the coffin closed. Steve then became the Lord of the Vampaneze, starting the events of the War of the Scars.

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