Cian is a revitalised and an Angel. He, along with his twin sister Awnya, are in charge of clothing, bedding and furnature in County Hall. He and his sister are the youngest known revitaliseds, at about 12 or 13 years of age.


Pre-series historyEdit

Cian and Awnya were always very close. They only watched movies together, and because Awnya was afraid of zombie movies, Cian never got to watch them. Likewise, Awnya never got to see any chick flicks. Cian and Awnya were attacked by the reviveds at the same time. Anwya died first, and ended up killing Cian when he tried to save her. They both revitalised, and wandered the desolate London. Eventually they found Doctor Oystein, who was based at Hyde Park at the time. Cian and his sister were among the earliest Angels. They stayed at Hyde Park until County Hall was ready. Sometime after moving into County Hall, Cian failed Master Zhang's test and became in charge of items, furniture and clothing. Awnya failed as well and joined him.

Zom-B AngelsEdit

Cian and Awnya help get Becky out of her Groove Tube. Cian is asked to turn away while Awnya gives B her enema. Cian and his sister quickly become friends with B and they give her a tour of County Hall. After introducing B to one of her roomates, Ashtat, Cian and the girls decide to look for clothes outside. They then meet Ingrid and some other Angels on a mission. Cian pleads Ingrid to let them join her on the mission. Ingrid gives in and they explore.

However, the Angels pull a prank on Cian and the girls, which involves Ingrid hearing something strange, and an Angel going to investigate. Eventually, Cian, Awnya and B are left alone. The twins become terrified but B decides to go after them. B comes back running and screaming, so the trio escape the building only to a hear laughter coming from the Angels. While B is annoyed, Cian and Awnya are relieved that nothing bad had happened. They then return to County Hall, where luch is being served. Awnya tells B to sit with her new roomates as opposed to herself and Cian to avoid suspicion.

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