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Chess is a board game of skill. It is based on the Crux, the heart of the Universes. It has 32 black and 32 white squares, very much like the Crux. It also has 32 pieces on the board.

Lord Loss and Chess Edit

Lord Loss became fixated with Chess ever since he saw Drust, a Druid, playing it on the original board. He took the board from Drust's dead body to play on. Little did he know its full power at first.

Bartholomew Garadex Edit

Bartholomew Garadex, a distant member of the Grady family, found Lord Loss and his love of Chess. He played in a series of simple games. Each game he won, a werewolf in his family would be reverted back to human. In the end, old Bartholomew died, leaving his secrets in a magic code in a diary.

The New Challenge Edit

A non-magical human managed to decode the diary of Bartholomew. He then challenged Lord Loss but there was a catch. They would have to play on five boards simultaneously while a helper battled some of Lord Loss' familiars. If they failed, they and the werewolf would be killed. To this day, it is used.

Appearances Edit

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