Catherine Ward
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives Jules Bearman (sister)

Paul Bearman (brother in law) George Bearman (nephew)

Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe Zom-B
First Book Appearance Zom-B Circus

Catherine "Cat" Ward is the protagonist of Zom-B Circus, a short novel that ties in with Zom-B City , the third installment of the Zom-B series. Before Z Day, she was B Smith's  maths teacher. When the zombies attacked the school, Cat found herself trapped in the chemistry lab. In order to escape, Cat threw two of her students at the undead, buying herself enough time to get out of the school building. For months she wandered the streets of London, surviving by stealing food and weapons and by sacrificing the nearest person to the zombies if the situation got too tight. Eventually she ended up at the Tottenham Hotspurs football stadium, at which she finds Mr. Dowling and his mutants

Trivia Edit

  • Cat Ward was named after Darren Shan's publicist at Simon & Schuster, Catherine Ward. At first Darren was "a bit wary of naming such an unpleasant character after her" but Catherine Ward had no problem with it.(1)

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