Bush and Blair were a pair of "lying rogues" and two of the main villains in The Thin Executioner.

At first Bush and Blair appeared to be a pair of harmless traders. They "befriended" Jebel Rum and Tel Hesani, though the latter didn't trust them. However it was later revealed that they were manipulating Jebel and Tel Hesani for money and when they couldn't get any, they sold Tel Hesani and kept Jebel as a slave. By luck or fate, Jebel was reunited with Tel Hesani and together they managed to escape Bush and Blair. Bush and Blair later found Jebel shortly after his meeting with Rakhebt Wadak and didn't believe he had met the god of death. Jebel tricked them into sacrificing themselves to a rock shadow in the home of the Um Hamata, which swallowed them and trapped them in the wall of a cliff.


Bush and Blair were manipulative and cunning but also arrogant. They put on a friendly demeanor to gain the trust of Jebel Rum before making him into their slave. However neither of them realised that Jebel was pretending to have given in to them and was planning to escape, though they had at least vague worries about him attempting to flee because they tied him up every night. Bush and Blair had very little respect for the dead and had no qualms about graverobbing and they also refused to believe that Jebel had met Rakhebt Wadak. They also claimed that they had killed children before. However Bush and Blair did appear to be close friends with each other and always travelled together.

Their personalities were very similar but Bush seemed to be slightly more merciful than Blair, suggesting that they get medicine for Jebel after he got ill.

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