Ayuamarcans are people who have died but have been reborn from a Watana's dream.


Ayuamarcans are first introduced in Procession of the Dead. According to The Cardinal, Ferdinand Dorak, Ayuamarcans are people who are born from his dreams. The first Ayuamarcan he produced is Leonora Shankar, a woman whom he wished for, in his own words, "a woman who could mother me, who'd love and care for me more than life itself, who'd never grow impatient, who would be wise and knowing." After he settled on an image and a name for the woman, Ferdinand walked into a shop with puppets at random the next day, where he encountered three blind men dressed in robes. They performed a rite, in which the blind men linked hands with Ferdinand, chanting, drawing blood from themselves and Ferdinand, mixed it and daubed the face of the puppet who resembled Leonora Shankar with it. The blind men then handed the puppet to Ferdinand, and the next day, Leonora arrived at his doorstep.

As Ferdinand became a greater force, he made further use of this power, such as creating Victor Chag, an Ayuamarcan who served as Elmer Chag's brother to be used for ransom. Once Ferdinand had conjured a man who was able to recount his past, but most of those featured in the book, e.g. Capac Raimi, Ama Situwa are unable to recall their past.


  • They are often sterile (except Paucar Wami , who is an assasin and has loads of children, e.g. Al Jeery)
  • Though it is believed that the Ayuamarcans (except Paucar Wami) will not survive a week outside the city, this is later revealed to be false.
  • They age like humans, and are basically like humans (except Capac Raimi , who can only age for 10 years and is invincible and immortal)

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