Ashtat Kiaorostami is a revitalised and an Angel. She is an Arab girl who enjoys working on matchstick structures. She is generally frinedly but can get irratable when working on her structures. Unlike most Arabs, she is Christian.


Pre series historyEdit

Not much is known about Ashtat's past. She was presumably born in England as her grandmother came to England and married Ashtat's grandfather there.

Zom-B AngelsEdit

Ashtat is first seen working on a matchstick structure of the Houses of Parliment in her bedroom when B, Cian and Awnya walk in. She gets annoyed when the trio start talking, which in turn annoys B. When B stays in the room for a while, she pesters Ashtat, knowing that the noise will distract her. Ashtat is later seen eating lunch with her roomates. When her new roomate B joins her, she apologizes for the way she acted in the bedroom. After lunch, Ashtat takes out a crucifix and starts praying. B notices the crucifix and gets confused, stating that "Those are for us lot." Ashtat gets offended and explains to B that she is a Christian. B doesn't believe her and says that there are no Christians in the Middle East except for pilgrims. Ashtat explains that there are plenty of Arab Christians. The argument continues until Ashtat realizes B has no idea what she was talking about and tells her about how Christianity and Islam both start from Judaism. B apologizes and the conversation is interrupted by Master Zhang.

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