Gender Male
Species Appearance Human, Demon
Relatives Kernel Fleck (adoptive brother)
Caspian Fleck (adoptive father)
Melena Fleck (adoptive mother)
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Demon Thief"
Last Book Appearance "Demon Thief"

Art was revealed to be Artery a demon. Kernel changed him to become his brother when he was lonely.

The DemonataEdit

Demon ThiefEdit

When Kernel's parents first saw Art they were confused, knowing he wasn't their kid, so they kept and eye out for and missing baby reports. Meanwhile, the family moves to an out of the way place just in case people got too curious. When Mrs. Egin, the town witch, summoned Cadaver, he took back Artery and Kernel began to chase him along with the Disciples throughout the universes. Finally in his master's universe Art was transformed back into Artery and joined in on beating down the Disciples for trespassing on Lord Loss' land.Artery was also put in the crystal chessboard, from Drust, to be a clue for Kernel, wo had to guess the name of the demon thief. When he got it correct on the final try Lord Loss transformed Artery back into Art and offered him to Kernel to keep, but he also warned Kernel that as Artery aged, he would crave more human flesh and eventually turn on Kernel and his family as he would still always be a demon at heart. After some thought Kernel decided to leave Artery with Lord Loss.

Dark CallingEdit

Art (Old Creatures) took on the appearance of Art in front of Kernel.


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