Arra Wintle is a character that didn't quite make the cut for the series of books. Based on a real person this one quarter vampiress 3 quarters human is unique. She has the power of the vampire but the compassion of the human. She has learned to hide her vampirism and lives a quiet human existance until one night she is discovered by none other than Steve Leopard, she is faced with the worst choice ever either she joins the vampaneze and lives or stays a member of the vampire clan and dies. Not is all as it seems though, for Arra happens to be Des Tiny's ward and so he protects her with a curse, she is doomed to live as a vampire but she is put into a cursed sleep and only a a bite from her love can wake her. She sleeps for a thousand years in a hidden mountain tower and only one vampire can wake her, restore her powers and defeat the vampaneze for good, he is Larten. So Larten does his duty and restores Arra's powers, however she did not bargain on the other Arra coming forth. Now there are two Arras Larten's ex mate Arra Sails and Arra Wintle who loves Larten with a burning vampiric passion that only he can satisfy, the war between the two vampiresses comes down to a final showdown on the Bars and by the skin of her teeth Arra Wintle survives and claims her prize-Larten as her mate for good and to make sure it is final they have a special blessing performed by the Princes themselves on the last night of the Festival of the Undead. Arra Sails was killed in battle by Glalda the vampaneze and after Larten himself died Arra Wintle now a widow returned to her human life and there she lives in hiding, fearing for her very existance as if anybody finds her she is going to be famous as the only living vampire in existance. She still has her powers and uses them for good and on rare occasions for entertainment, she feeds and then she goes back to living her human existance, it is a hard life but she has the upper hand of still having her vampire abilities. She misses Larten with all her heart and soul and though she can have any human guy she wants only Larten can satisfy her, only his eyes can make her his, she wraps herself up in his old velvet cloak and sleeps curled up in it. She hopes that when she finally dies she will re awaken in vampire paradise with Larten waiting for her to hold her once more and to do things to her that can only be imagined by meer humans, to make her body and his, her soul and his join as one once more is what she waits for and what she dreams of. citation

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