Alexander Ribs
Profession Freak
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased (Book series)

Alive (Movie)

Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Cirque Du Freak
First Movie Appearance Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Acted By Orlando Jones

Alexander Ribs is the skinniest man in the Cirque du Freak, and possibly in the world.

In the Books Edit

He can fold his body however he likes and can make music by hitting his ribs. Very little is mentioned about him in the series, except that he is good humored, and happens to be a contortionist. He later dies by the hands of the Vampaneze.

In the Movie Edit

He and Cormac Limbs seem to be some of the most bendy people in cirque du freak.They were also in the show that Darren first saw.

He was also seen in the Cirque Du Freak and a member of the Cirque.

Appearances Edit

Books Edit

Films Edit

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